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I'm taking my 30 year old Shetland pony (IR, Cushings, Low Thyroid) mare Teeny off of Stabul 1.  Her insulin went from 70 to >200 after mineral balancing, transitioning from alfalfa pellets to Standlee Timothy pellets, raising her Prascent from 3 mg to 3.5 mg and adding 1 cup of Stabul 1 AM and PM.  I'm hoping it is the Stabul 1 that caused the increase.  How long after removing it should I wait to retest?   My vet is suggesting Metformin.  Should I wait for the next blood draw to make that decision or start it now?

I'm having trouble posting my case history but hope to have it up tomorrow.

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Did her ACTH go down with the Prascend increase? Do you have a case history? Can you get ODTB cubes instead of the Standlee timothy?

You only have to wait a few days to retest after a diet change. If you want to know if the change made a difference, wait to start Metformin.
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Terri, do you have any follow up information on this? My guy tripled is insulin after adding Stabul 1 and mineral balancing. I too am wondering if it was the Stabul 1. Did you take your horse off of it and re-test?
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