Response to Chris

Marc Davis <lmdavis@...>

Did you mean .25 g or .25mg for the Permax doseage? I'm guessing you meant
mg. Have you found improvements in your horse's bloodwork as well as the
clinical signs?

Can you site the research that says that the much lower dose is the best
choice. I have heard this before but my vets had not. I am reluctant to try
the doseages that they recommend for fear of triggering lamenitis (which my
horse has not started yet). My horse is currently on 180mg of cypro and
clinically looks great. His blood work however, is unchanged.

As far as life span.....I can't get much of a response from my vets. They
don't want to make (or even imply) any guesses! I have heard that, caught
early, horses can continue to perform for as much as 4-5 years. I haven't
heard any estimates as to how much longer they can actually live.

My horse is 21 and still training and performing FEI level dressage. I'm
hoping for several more years (he's still structually very sound) but am
thankful for every day that I get to ride him. I too, cry a lot at the
thought of losing him (I've hade him for 19 years). I try to keep in mind
that even without Cushings he wouldn't live forever. Something else would
eventually end his life. The positive side (if there is such a thing) is
that I know what his problem is and can manage it to some degree.

For now, my horse is looking better than he's looked in years. I clinic with
some pretty "high up" instructors in the dressage world and nobody even
recognizes him as an old guy let alone a Cushingoid horse!