Restarting Metformin after mouth examined by Vet


Vet checked Apollo's mouth today using speculum after giving IV sedation.  Didn't see evidence of ulcers/irritation.  Had minor sharp points on some teeth which were floated with Dremel tool.  Also asked about cavities; he didn't see any.  Last spring, vet from equine specialty clinic who floated Apollo's teeth noted cavity in right upper molar, but that vet used a stand to rest horse's head on which seems to make it easier to get good look inside.  When I mentioned other vet using a stand, my vet said he didn't have room in his truck to carry one but another vet from same clinic used one.  Next time I'll have that vet do his teeth.

Last dose of Metformin was 9/18 (evening dose).  Would a mouth ulcer heal in 2 weeks time?  Haven't noticed any yawning/odd jaw motions in a couple of days and was infrequent before that.  Of course, now that I say that, he'll probably do it again.  So I'll recalculate his body weight to make dose is correct and restart Metformin.  This time I'll try feeding it with something.  

Karen B.
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