Safe eye medications for PPID/EMS



my mare who has EMS and PPID has irritated her eye or has an infection in it.  I contacted my vet who told me to use eye drops thinking it was an irritation to the flies.  We did this and she is somewhat better but not a lot. Swelling is down but still squinting in that eye and tearing. As my vet can’t make it out soon, I called my local vet who will be coming out this week to take a closer look at her eye and do a stain.  

i want to be prepared before they show up in regards to treatment options. What are they medications which can be safely used on an EMS/PPID horse. I am thinking they may suggest topical steroids and worry that this will be an issue and if so want to have some alternative suggestions to treatment. TIA.

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Topical steroids aren't likely to be prescribed based on what you said but if they are the benefits outweigh any risks.
Eleanor in PA 
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