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Cheryl Van Haselen

I am considering switching my Cushings mare to TC Ration Balancer, whose NSC is under 10%.  I don't see it on the safe feeds list though.   Is that list updated periodically,  and if so,  what is the reason this feed is not in the list?  My mare is on soaked hay only,  and 1 1/2 Prascend a day. 
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Cheryl from Texas,  December 2020

Bobbie Day

Try looking here to see if any members have had their own testing done.
It could be that the fat and or starch is way more than recommended here but remember that feed ingredient lists aren’t necessarily accurate. They don’t test all batches and are not (actually) guaranteed.
I would try something here instead. If your horse’s insulin is in a good place you do have more leeway.
Its hard to recommend without a CH.

Bobbie and Maggie 
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Utah, Nov 2018
ECIR Group Primary Response

Sherry Morse

Hi Cheryl,

You'll be getting a full welcome message shortly but we do not recommend most commercial 'balancers' as they don't actually balance anything.  In addition, we don't look at NSC but at ESC+starch and we want that number to be under 10% with starch being no more than 4% of that.