Savannah’s June 20/20 X-rays & Blood Results & Trim photos loaded to album

Pat Gauvreau

New photos (June 20/20) of Xrays, Blood Test,
Abscess with <&> Infrared photos and trim after Xrays. 

* Blood test results (leptin results not back yet). Minimal info given. 
* Blood panel for minerals not back yet. Expecting a HIGH IRON count. Will post results when available. 

Vet said my low sugar hay wasn’t low enough for IR horse so I’m getting next hay from different supplier of hay grown in another location. 

* Xrays of fronts only. 
* Infrared photos of abscess in RF.
* Pic of where it drained after soaking and poulticing. 
* Another infrared pic after abscess blew. 

Re Xrays -
After waiting weeks for abscess to clear up so she could stand for trimming I had the Vet and farrier come at same time so she could be  trimmed according to Xrays.  
She has been walking much better after a lot of toe removed.
Lots of after pics taken the next day to show different angles. 
Pat and Savannah
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
January 2018 

Case History:

Sherry Morse

Hi Pat,

Are you updating your CH with the bloodwork results or will you be posting them in your folder?  The trim looks pretty severe, but I'll leave it to the hoof gurus to make more comments on it.  It would be helpful though if you could label the pictures so we can easily tell what day they were taken and what was before vs. after the trim.


It's good to hear this update after all Savannah's troubles. Glad she has been "romping around" a bit too. Well done, Pat.
Bonnie and Lad
North Ontario
Dec 2008