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Hi everyone
Thankfully, knock on wood - Baron is doing well atm. He is 3 years old and I would like to send him for training in the Spring. 
Is this something I should even consider with his history of IR/EMS and founder? 
If I could be certain his diet would be maintained and zero access to grass, do I have to be worried about the stress (for him not me) lol
Stacey & Baron
Terrace BC 2022 

Trisha DePietro

hi Stacey. You should continue with his training if he is pain free...and yes, you would need the trainer to feed him as you would and no grass access etc. I think the only thing I would worry about if Baron was mine, would be the experience of the trainer to recognize when he's in pain...and can't do something he's being asked to do...and so he's not saying "no I won't"  but "no I can't" I would also want to be able to visit and check in with Baron and the trainer and watch some sessions to ensure that he is comfortable with his training. If he is in a situation where he needs to be in a turnout, perhaps teaching him to accept the sealed muzzle so at least he can go outside and play with friends. And perhaps the trainer has a dry lot to turn him out in instead of the fields. So, a site visit would be helpful to make the best decision and discussing his dietary needs with the trainer/Barn manager to ensure they can comply.  If you live near your trainer, you could provide the supplements, etc ...I would also discuss the training idea with my vet to ensure he has progressed enough to participate in the training....
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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Nancy C

To support Trisha's suggestions, make sure you and your trainer (and hopefully your vet) also know what changes are needed for his diet when going into work.

Two links here for your review:

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