Sept 15 bloodwork


Bella's insulin and glucose came back in normal ranges, but ACTH is 58.9. She is on 1 Prascend a day and I started Jiaogulin a few weeks ago. Last year's vet had me start her on Thyro-L which she is still on, 1 scoop per day. She's in a dry lot with soaked hay and boots. She also gets Vermont Blend in Teff pellets with flax, iodized salt, 1 Vitamin E gel and Cushings Calm from Wild Horse Products.  Do I up Prascend? Should I stop Thyro-L?
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Stephanie in Maryland 2022 

Sherry Morse

Do you have her actual insulin and glucose numbers? Her ACTH should be lower on Prascend, we like to see a PPID horse in the upper teens to low 20s year round, so you may want to bump her up at least for the seasonal rise.

Why is she on the Thyro-L?

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