Skewing test results

Kandace Krause

I have to get "K" to vet today and because she ha hit or stuck her head into something, causing some large bumps and extreme difficulty in chewing her hay. (as a result she has been given unanalyzed soaked timothy ochard grass cubes just for a little bit of food in her system, hay is quidded so I am not sure if she actually eats any, but little has been disappeared so not much gone into horse.)
The question is, If test results are skewed by laminitis, as per her original results, biotin supplements, as per notice sent by Dr. Kellon will results be skewed by this obviousdly painful and stressful(because of hunger) situation?  
Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Just shipping her is enough to skew the results and with everything else going on I wouldn't bother right now. Check her endocrine levels when she is home and relaxed.
Eleanor in PA 
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