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Tara Smith

Hi thank you I'm sure I do need more but this result is new as of after April 26th that was the vet appointment and blood was taken.  The liver enzyme is a new issue ..but still need more info for that..?
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Candice Piraino

Tara- you already have a thread on this. Will you be so kid as to continue with the original thread as to not "clog" up new messages please? We like to keep information together and our volunteers need to be able to spend time on messages as they come in and give priority to emergency cases. Having messages somewhat organized is a blessing. Thank you!

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Sherry Morse

Hi Tara,

You last updated Gavi's CH in January of 2019.  Asking for advice on bloodwork when we can't look at current information without searching through messages makes things very difficult.  When we can look in one place for his current feeding program, current weight, current medications and any notes you have on his general condition over time it makes things much easier.  When you last asked about Gavi's behavior and if it could be related to medication Dr. Kellon advised we'd need an up to date history to comment on that ( and the same applies for the bloodwork results.  

Has your vet been in touch with Dr. Kellon regarding the bloodwork?

Nancy C

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 12:01 PM, Tara Smith wrote:
The liver enzyme is a new issue ..but still need more info for that..?
Yes.  Whether a volunteer or Dr Kellon, the whole picture needs to be seen.
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