Slow feeder for soaked hay cubes


I’m looking for a feeder to slow my 31 year old PPID and compensated IR pony down when she’s eating her soaked hay cubes. She’s eating them within an hour and then stuck inside without food until morning. I’d love to know what’s working for others before I order anything. 

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Lorna Cane

Terri, I love the Nose-It Ball for this purpose. But I don't soak the cubes.

This is  a Canadian site,just to describe it.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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Cindy Giovanetti

You need an automatic feeder.  I have two, and either could dispense soaked cubes.


One is  It feeds 5 meals per day.  It’s not too big, not terribly expensive, and works perfectly.  I don’t feed wet cubes through this feeder, but you could.


The other is  It’s bigger and more expensive, but it can give you more feedings per day.  (There are a couple of variations.)  With this feeder, I put cubes in little bowls, and you could use soaked cubes just the same.


Here’s a video:






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