Snort Case History

Pat H

Hi Kirsten,

What do you think the dosage would be?

Just so I do things correctly how should I reply to the messages on the group page?

Pat H
January 16th

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Pat,

I'm not sure how you replied this time such that this post ended up on its own.  If you changed anything in the Subject line, then it will start a new message chain. 

But if you reply directly from your email and you don't change the Subject line, your responses should automatically get posted to the message chain on the group.  Or, you can log in to and find your longer message chain about Snort, then reply to me by choosing "Reply" below my message in that chain.  This will keep your questions and answers together with ours in one public message chain.  I recommend logging in when you are replying, so you can see everything that's been posted about Snort in one place.  This is your longer message chain  here:
I'll answer your dose question there. 

When you change the topic (ie, you have a new unrelated question), in please pick "New Topic" from the menu and put an appropriate title in the "Subject" field.  That will start a new message chain.

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