so many Cushing's cases.

Nora & Gary <NRGDB@...>

"Cushing's-like Syndrome"...some feel this should be the proper name...many
suspect it's not really a tumor but a malfunction due to environmental
causes , mineral imbalances ,magnesium/calcium imbalance ,improper feed ,
lack of variety of diet that would be found at liberty , toxins ,etc...
ABC has regimen that I have been using (along with Pergolide and thyroid)-
Alice , their "Cushing's person" has provided allot of guidance -also have
read posts about Vita Royal and Dynamite products that others are using but
don't know much about them...if they all work it's probably because they end
up addressing the same problems.
I don't believe in "weird coincidences" you ?


My goodness, you have certainly had some bad luck with so many Cushing's cases.
It seems a weird coincidence to have several at once.