Soaked Hay - Mineral Balancing

Joe Snow

Recently our Mustang Gelding's (13y/o) non-fasting insulin has gone up from 20-30 range (~2 years) to 35-45 range.  Hie is EMS and PPID.   ACTH is still around 15-20 on 1 tab of prescend.   No changes in management (soaked hay, dry lot, and essentially the 'emergency diet' for past 3 years).   I've never balanced minerals to the hay (yes, shame on me); but would now like to do that in the hope that it would help with insulin control.    I've always soaked his hay(Coastal Bermuda) even though I've never had a sample over 10%ESC+Starch, and I'm kinda paranoid about not soaking it going forward.

Question:  to properly get minerals balanced, do I need to test a sample of the hay that has been soaked?   I normally use a hay probe into square bales and send the dry hay samples to Equi-analytical.   If I  need to test soaked hay, how would I gather/prepare  the soaked sample?    

Thanks for all the advice.  ECIR is a great resource.
Joe S. in TX 2020

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Grab some random samples from your soaked hay, spread them out in a thin layer to dry and send when dry.
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