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Alicia Harlov

Hi all,

I noticed Stabul 1, while on the safe list, has an analysis of 5% starch and 5% sugar. 
I had a client increase to 1.5lbs of Stabul 1 and he became footsore and seemingly had a laminitic setback. Bloodwork had been done a week prior, and ACTH was well controlled and insulin lower than previous bloodwork, before increasing the Stabul. 
It seems that Stabul 1 was the trigger - four days off of it and he is now comfortable again. 
Did Stabul 1 increase their starch levels recently? 

-Alicia Harlov in South Hamilton, MA 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Alicia,

I don't use Stabul-1 but as I recall from looking at it a few years ago the 5%/5% was in place then.  Obviously it's 'just' 1% over our normal 4% starch cut-off and many horses tolerate it well but there are always exceptions and sounds like this guy is one of them.


Hi, Alicia.
There has been no change that I've been aware of.

I see Guaranteed Analysis labels that show those maximums, so those levels are possible. I checked the several analyses in Files, and none shows ESC or Starch that high. 

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Kirsten Rasmussen

I believe in my early days here Stabul 1 was only recommended to be fed in the smallest amount needed to get supplements in.  The Safe Feeds list doesn't necessarily mean they are safe in high amounts, although it does not  actually specify that in the list.

Your client's experience is a good reminder of how little it can take to trigger a laminitis flareup, and why we are so picky about the little things!  Thanks for sharing that! 

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   I have read questions as to what to feed recovered horses back in work when hay/beet pulp doesnt hold their weight and one of the answers has been to increase the quantity of feed listed on the Safe Feed list.. Maybe for some horses increasing even the Safe Feed doesnt work .

Debbie Girard   Massachusetts  2022


Hi Debbie,
Do you have a case history for your horse that we could take a look at?  If so, can you please put a link to the folder containing your CH file into your signature.
There are lots of possibilities including dental issues, age, uncontrolled PPID, amount fed, deworming schedule, ulcers and undoubtedly more.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Free choice hay will cover needed calories for horses except those at the highest levels of work. Calories are calories, whether they are safe or not, and it is calories that determine weight. I don't recall holding weight being a particular problem for horses back in work. Flagging energy, poor endurance is more common.
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Nancy C

Here are two links with info for metabolic horses back in work

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