Stabul 1 --- 5% starch

Sandy Carr


I'm looking into using Stabul 1 for the convenience of home delivery from Chewy instead of having to go to the feed store for the Haystack Low Carb/Low Fat. (Not lazy, just have a ruptured bicep tendon.)
I see it is recommended by ECIR that the sugar/starch be 10% or less combined with the starch component being 4% or less.

Stabul 1 states their starch component is 5% with the combined sugar/starch being less than 10%.

Should I/we be concerned about the "increase" in starch in the Stabul 1 feed?


March 2017, Onalaska, WA, USA

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

If you fed it in large amounts you might have issues but as a carrier it's fine for most horses.
Eleanor in PA 
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Hi Sandy, I’d have to double check it, but I *think* that 5% starch is a maximum and can be less.
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