Stabul-1 from Nuzu


I want to ask about Stabul-1 being used as hay replacement.  Dorado is having a tooth extraction and I need a safe low starch hay replacement for at least the time being.

My case history in my folder should be current.

Cathie Y in MI 2020

Lesley Bludworth

What about using Triple Crown timothy balance cubes?
Soaked they are supper soft and I think a good choice.  There is another brand too
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ   7/2022
Sophie TWH mare

DEBBIE GIRARD <dgwof@...>

Hello, this is just my personal experience from about a month ago. I went from using a handful once a day to carry a prescend tablet to feeding 1 lb. am and 1 lb pm for extra calories using a safe feed.
Within a week of increasing the Stabul 1 my horse was stiff and foot sore after being totally sound since his original laminitis a year ago. I immediately stopped the Stabul and a week later we were riding again sound.
I would be very cautious adding pounds of it as a hay replacement until you know for sure your horse isnt sensitive to it.

Debbie Girard   Massachusetts  2022