still long/feed and why Cushings?

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Linda...I will check out the draft horse site. I've never heard of blue
seal feed and probably don't have a chance of getting it here. In the past
Domino has refused to eat rice bran products, so maybe that wouldn't work
for him. At least he eats his Eq. Sr.

I suspect your mare has done so well because of the excellent care you've
given her. What an inspiration to hear of an aged horse doing so well with
such strenuous competition. I think it is sometimes hard to really know if a
Cushings diagnosis is accurate, maybe because the animal is often already
old and could have other reasons for its symptoms. Dom was diagnosed with a
dexamethasone suppression test last year. My new vet (I moved from Anchorage
in late June '99) did a blood glucose test a few weeks ago, as he felt it
somewhat risky to do the first test while Domino was involved in a laminitis
bout. The glucose test came back normal. We were wondering whether Dom might
need to take a higher dose of pergolide. I've just touched on a great source
of fear and frustration...I no longer have access, except by phone, to the
veterinary and farriery resources I had. Things are much less sophisticated
up here. I like my new vet, but he seems less experienced...ditto for the
farrier. It's hard to trust when so much is at stake.

I can sure tell of the love you have for your wonderful mare. I feel as
strongly about Domino, whom I've had for 12 years. I will never have as kind
and trustworthy a horse again. I'm working with my new guy (the Icelandic),
but he's got years to go to be even close to filling Domino's shoes. That's
why I said it was so ironic that Cushings affects the older horses,
mostly...just at the time of their lives when so much comes together for
horse and rider. I would only have old horses, if it weren't for the
possible health issues.

Do any of you out there know of research pointing to why some horses develop
Cushings? It is sure a mystery to me, and I sure hope I didn't cause it

Kay, with so many question...