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Hello.  Stubby had a vet visit this week and overall her condition is very much improved, thanks to the changes we have made based on knowledge from this group.  She said Stubby looked the best she has ever seen her and her feet are in excellent condition.  Thank you!  My vet told me something else less happy, though.  I was telling her how hard it has been to get Stubby to take the compounded pergolide, no matter how I try to hide it.  She said that the compounded pergolide is probably not helping Stubby anyway because pergolide is so sensitive to oxygen exposure that only the individually wrapped Prascend is of any use.  Even Prascend must be used within 15 minutes of opening the individual packet because it begins to degrade immediately.  I know I have seen several discussions on here about the stability of compounded pergolide but did not know it was rendered useless as soon as ANY air entered the package.  My bottle of compounded pergolide from Wedgewood was packaged with cotton in the bottom and top of the bottle, tablets in the middle.  I remove the top cotton, grab the tablet, close it all back up, and keep it in a dark cabinet.  I am planning to test Stubby in October (she started pergolide at the beginning of Sept) so I am hoping some progress has been made, despite what the vet said.  I bit the bullet and ordered Prascend, just in case.
Toni Hayes, West Virginia, 2022

Nancy C

Hi Tony

So glad to hear the news about Stubby.  It sure makes all the hard work worthwhile. Congrats.

Back in 2017 we tested 30 pergolide caps for stability. Ten members donated the five caps needed. The efficacy was found to be >95%.

I'm assuming your vet got this info from EEG or BI, the makers of Prescend, but it even sounds a bit extreme for them. It might be interesting to ask her where this info came from.

I think your system for keeping the pergolide safe is a good one. I am not as tight with control as I could be, but my gelding's ACTH is just where I want it to be with 3 mg. We do not have temp extremes until January-February.

The bottom line is that testing Stubby will tell you if you PPID is controlled.

Good work.
Nancy C in NH
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Maxine McArthur

Considering that a Prascend tablet is scored so as to make it possible to give half a tablet dose, and that BI say to dose once daily, I don’t see where your vet might have got the idea that the tablet must be used within 15 minutes. I would ask the source of her information. 
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Sherry Morse

I would want the vet to explain how she thinks Stubby has improved so much if pergolide doesn't work.  I also would like to know where she received her information about pergolide being so unstable that even Prascend needs to be used within 15 minutes. IMO it sounds like your vet is looking for an excuse to sell you Prascend instead of continuing with pergolide.  


Nancy, thank you!  She did get the information from the manufacturer.  She said she had just called them that morning for another client who was preparing  Prascend inside pill pockets ahead of time, so other people who fed the horse wouldn't need to dose it.  I will test Stubby soon, hopefully it is good news.  I realize it may not be as much of a drop as one would hope because of the seasonal rise but any decrease will be great, considering how high her levels were to begin with.
Toni Hayes, West Virginia, 2022


Sherry, she did not offer to sell it to me, but she did get the information from someone at BI that she had called for another client regarding storing Prascend.  Per that conversation, the price difference in Prascend as opposed to compounded pergolide is because of the nitrogen sealed packaging that prevents any air getting to the tablets.  I just thought this might be interesting information for everyone to have, I have no idea if it is truly that sensitive, but all the success stories on here from people using compounded pergolide would seem to argue differently.  I ordered from Valley Vet and saved about $20 on the usual price.  I imagine she thought Metformin and other dietary changes accounted for the improvement.
Toni Hayes, West Virginia, 2022

Sherry Morse

Based on the experience of our group members (plus the stability testing that Nancy mentioned already) what BI really has going for it is very good marketing to vets and a lot of fear mongering as far as the use of compounded medication.  

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The information you got on stability is absolutely not true. The human drug, Permax, is sold in blister packs containing 10 days' worth of medication. Also, as Nancy said, we have done independent stability testing.

October may be too soon to recheck since you started in September. Research has shown ACTH may not drop until December with dosages as high as 2 mg.
Eleanor in PA 
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Hi, Toni. 

You may be able to save a bit more by buying 240 tablets from the Canadian online pharmacy It’s the same Prascend, same packaging made by BI sourced from England. Shipping is about $10 regardless of quantity.

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