Alicia Harlov

Katy Watts recently posted this study and said it shows there is no advantage to using the "IR Calculator." I use the IR Calculator often for clients.
This study did use a fasting test, I noticed. 
I would love to hear thoughts on this!

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

There is no advantage *if* you use an appropriate cutoff value for resting insulin.  In their study it was 9.5. In another recent study it was 5.6. Both are substantially lower than cutoff values for insulin usually used (20) and  still widely recommended. That is where the proxies are - and always have been - most valuable.
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Kirsten Rasmussen

They also emphasize that their fasting insulin cut-off value is appropriate for the type of insulin assay they used, which was different than the other study Dr Kellon refers to (and that they also reference).

The proxies ECIR uses are based on non-fasting insulin-glucose, which does 2 things with 1 blood pull and analysis: allows a diagnosis of EMS to be made for most horses, and allows an assessment of how well the current diet-exercise are managing the EMS.

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