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I added the analysis of Su-Per Chasteberry to my Case History folder.  Please feel free to add it to the files if you think it is helpful to others. I had it analyzed because my little guy loves it maybe too much and he is currently recovering from a laminitic episode.  Addition of this within the last couple of months is the only change I made in his diet. I am now increasing his CP per Dr. Kellon's advice and soaking his hay.  The lab tech did tell me before I sent the sample that sugars could not be tested but carbohydrates are.  It does have some percentage of carbs but I'm not sure how to interpret this.  Any insights are appreciated.  Thank you.
July 2011, Goldendale, WA
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Ellen, thanks for doing this. The estimated % of carbs is so low , and the dose you give a horse is so low, that I believe this is inconsequential. Cherry seems to be a palatable flavor for many horses, and I think they like the sweet smell to it. All of my horses have loved SuPer Chasteberry if they receive it in their feed.
Dawn Wagstaff and Tipperary   

Saline, MI  2003

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Sandy Carr

My Andy has been on Su-Per CTB for the last two years.  

We start here in western WA around April or so to start shedding out.  He's slick and shiny at the same time the non-IR/PPID horses are and looks great.  I will discontinue it in a couple weeks so he can start growing his winter coat alongside the "other guys".  I love it, he loves it and he's pretty bummed when it's time to think the seasons will soon change.

March 2017, Onalaska, WA, USA

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