Sue & VitaRoyal

Marc Davis <lmdavis@...>

<We are doing the cushings/laminitis program by Vita-Royal so she is off all
drugs now.....she is doing well.>


How long have you been using the VR program? and what changes/improvements
have you noticed and how long did it take to see a difference?

I've been following Linsey's posts on the healthyhorse list and have been
to the VR web site. I'm very interested but also am a bit of a skeptic. My
horse is still in heavy training and has not foundered so removing his
medication is a little scarry to me. Also, I did change his feed program to
more closely follow Linsey's Hi-Pro mix but without the supplements and not
quite complete since I'm having trouble finding some of the ingredients.

Also, which supplements from VR are you using? I couldn't quite tell from
the web site which would be the best choice for my guy?


Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

Hi Carla,
There is a page on the web sight that is all the info on the
cushings/laminitis program. I too had trouble finding some
ingredients.....Hi iodine salt. Linsey sent me some and a friend was also
was able to get some sent to me from mortin salt. I just got the salt this
past Monday so I will have to say that Darby has only been on the full
program 3 days, although we started her on the suppliments about 2 weeks ago.
Suppliments are EPM formula and UNTIE.
I did take the time to wean her off the bute but stopped the cypro cold
turkey. She loves the hi protein feed.
I see that she is just as comfortable today as she was on the bute and I
see no difference as far as the cypro but I never did anyway, she was on
cypro for a year. Darby is 40 so I figured I would put her in the clinical
trial and see what happens....I will keep you all posted on how she is
doing right now her feet and their pain are her main problem I do the
frequent trims between farrier visits. I'm also doing acupressure points on
her, this I can see makes a difference and I wonder how much acupunture
could help.
PS my daughter has a young horse that she does dressage with
he is at 2nd level she is trying the hi protein feed with him for a few
days to see how he reacts.