Sure Foot pads for comfort while trimming during laminitis


My horse has thin soles and some rotation, making it uncomfortable to stand for the barefoot trimmer.  I purchased the Sure Foot physio half pads a few months ago and Dot LOVES them!  It made a hugh difference.  He is better now but we continue to use the pads for trimming and as training.  They are supposed to give proprioceptive feedback to the horse.  He will stand there for 10-15 minutes, licking and chewing.  You can also see from the hoof imprint how they are loading their weight.
Nancy O, Elbert County, CO, 2022

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Hi, Nancys. 
Horses are such individuals. I used an anti-fatigue mat from Home Depot for Cayuse, but I couldn’t tell  that she liked it any better than standing on a standard 3/4 inch rubber mat in the barn aisle.  She went out of her way to avoid stepping on it.
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Nancy if you are using them while trimming, get the physio pad. It doesn’t have the bounce of the other pads—you don’t want your horse swaying while you are trimming! 
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Nancy, I originally bought them to benefit the trimmer.  The physio pads are recommended for that.  They have a hard side and a softer side. He likes the harder side - huge surprise.

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Nancy O, Elbert County, CO, 2022


Count me as another big fan of Sure Foot pads. I haven't had a lot of success using them during farrier work (he's more of a leaner), but they were a very useful tool during Wizard's laminitis rehab, as well as for everyday use now that he's back in light work. I agree with the comments about the physio pad for trims. He especially likes the slants for his hind feet and he likes a variety from hard to soft for our regular sessions. We started with the firm pads and slowly added more to the collection. It's really neat to watch them react to and process the pads.
Sarah | Central New Jersey, USA | 2021
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