Suspect IR

Cathie Vincent

My horse was just seen by a new vet and she suggested testing for IR, he’s a little over weight.
wondering if 10.7 (ESC+Starch) is too high? Should I start soaking it?  Should have the test results back in a few days. I’ll set up a case history when I get the results.

Whidbey island 

Kirsten Rasmussen

10.7% is a bit high for a horse with EMS, but as long as he's sound you can probably wait to get the results of the bloodwork back before you decide whether you need to soak hay.  If his non fasting insulin is higher than ~15uIU/ml, then he likely has EMS.  Above 80 is where acute laminitis starts to appear though. 

Being overweight does not mean he has IR/EMS.

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