thanks for support


The first time I noticed something really wrong with my horse was
after our last 25 mile competitive trail ride, whil she finished with
good p& r's she was exhausted the next few days, I think it was 1
too many for her and it may have tipped her over the edge, she
trail riding for years after that but she knows when we're hanging
and when she's competing, the stress could have gotten to her. My
vet thinks that the decrease in her stress has helped keeping her
doing as well as she is, I can't tell you how mcuh I appreciated this
vet doing the blood work and then calling other vets afterwards to
consult with them, since my horses blood work was not definitive.
The tongue swelling has gone down, I'm sure now it was a bug bite but
sort of panicked since I just started her on the permax.
Thanks to everyone for the support, will be looking for changes and
probably will add the thyroid replacement.