"Therapeutic Shoes"

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Hello all ...don't want to sound like a broken record here but PLEASE go to
this site before you put another set of "therapeutic shoes" on your founder
horse ,and lock him up in his stall to "force him to rest".
(also read the archives here for prior posts on this subject as well as BET
labs testing for Cushings/Thyroid...no risk...just 2 blood draws on same
Nora R.


Domino has been on stall rest for nearly 2 months. I
did have to blanket him extra heavily in last winter's cold (minus 40 at
lowest) and he had a hard time keeping his weight on. I would love to keep
him barefoot, but we are rocky here and he's been lame since the end of
February. My vet is using Dr. Ric Redden's therapuetic shoeing with
impression material and rail shoes. My horse has rather mild rotation, but
the coffin bone has sunk about 3 mm in both right front feet and there is an
abscess in the left.