TRH STIM Test results


Received the results of Wynterthur’s TRH stimulation test today.  Baseline endogenousACTH was 27 pg/ml and post was 139 pg/ml (110-200 pg/ml) is considered equivicol for PPID.  Vet wants to start on prascend.  Wynter is only 14yo.  He needs surgery to remove a softball sized sarcoid on his abdomen it has grown rapidly over the last5 months but with his IR and laminitis I have been afraid for him to have the procedure.  On a good note he is sound w/t/c and now barefoot in a very soft\sandy paddock.Anyone have any experience with sarcoids on horses with Cushing Disease?  Are there other sources of pergolide the group recommends?  I have updated his case history.
Denise L in SC 2022

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

You can use either Prascend or compounded pergolide. I agree with starting it. The suppressed immune system could make a PPID horse more prone to sarcoids but horses of all ages get them. I would make sure he is on a protein adequate, mineral balanced, flax supplemented diet for at least a month before surgery to make sure he heals well.
Eleanor in PA 
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