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I have a cube dispenser that I can program to feed Timothy Balanced Cubes throughout the day/night for my IR horse and Ive seen others mention having trickle feeders that they use for acceptable pelleted feed for their IR horses. Can someone advise me please as to how little of a meal is a waste of time from the point of view of the horses digestive tract and Insulin ?  Is dropping a lb of cubes ever 90 minutes healthier than feeding a few lbs of cubes several times a day?  Frequent tiny meals seem to leave the horse hungry all day long and never satisfied so Im wondering if its even the healthy choice...Trickle feeders that drop maybe 1/2 cup of food or less numerous times a day give so little food Im just wondering if they make us feel better using them then they help the horse.  Neither of these automated feeders  increase chew time they just dole out small amounts that are gobbled and gone in a few minutes. If a horse cant have hay and extended chew time throughout the day I would love opinions as to what is the next best thing as far as timing  and size of meals to help treat the IR horse.   Thanks a bunch.
Debbie Girard   Massachusetts  2022

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Nobody really knows the answer to that question. My basic program would be 4 to 6 meals per day since that matches how long the stomach and small intestine take to empty.
Eleanor in PA 
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Which feeder is this?  I have a Quick feed, but cubes are too big.

Gail Russell 8/30/2008 .

Cindy Giovanetti

I have Equine Automation and  Both will feed cubes easily.


And, Debbie, I can’t comment on the science, but what you described is exactly what I do.  Mine get 17 ounces of cubes every 90 minutes.  (That requires two feeders, and they are about 75 feet apart, so the horses walk back and forth between them all day and all night.)




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