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I had Wally trimmed yesterday (photos in album) apologies for hairy feet and bit of mud ,but having wet winter here.I would much appreciate any input on how he has been trimmed and improvements that can be made .
Wally has started on Ertugliflozin last thursday ,pretty sure not just wishful thinking on my behalf but I think he is moving alot more and even after trim(he usually quite sore)was moving well even managed trot up track for dinner tonight ,so am hoping things are on the improve .
Have 1st urine test next week and bloods early july hoping to see improvements in insulin 

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Sherry Morse

Hi Jenny,

Glad to hear Wally's moving better.  I'll leave trim specifics to Lavinia but he still has quite a bit of flare and his toes are still too long all around.  As with most of these horses the soles shouldn't have been touched at all and there was obviously quite a bit of 'cleaning up' done which is probably a good part of why he's usually sore post trim.  How long is he going between trims now?  Generally speaking you want to request markups about a week to 10 days prior to a trim using current pictures at that time.  

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Jenny,

I'm glad to hear Wally is already moving better. 

Thanks for taking good clear photos and labeling them correctly!  I agree with Sherry’s observations.  It's clear your trimmer is trying to get rid of the excess toe, but we would advise moving the toe breakover a lot farther back.

If you are interested in actual markups to guide your trimmer, Lavinia does offer the first set for free.  However, it would be helpful to her if your lateral and dorsal photos include the cannon bone while he is standing fairly square.  Another helpful hint is to trim the hair at the coronet so the entire hoof wall is visible.  Wally has fairly long hair there, on his fronts especially.  If you don't want to cut it, you could use your fingers or an elastic band to hold it up out of the way for a photo.

If you'd like actual markups and not just trim advice, please start a new message thread and in the Subject box and call it something like "Markups request".

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Sherry and Kristen 
Thank you for your responses ,greatly appreciated .,will discuss with trimmer re removal of sole .His trimmer comes every 4 wks and then i do touch up at the 2wks (which has really only been taking toe back a tiny bit as was worried about doing anything to make matters worse ,will add up until him getting laminitis I have always done him and my other ponies feet myself ,I think since Wally got unwell I have 2nd guessed myself and figured I was causing some of his issues ,still not sure I didnt ,so went in search of professional to do him .

I will look at taking some more photos and asking for markups from Lavinia 10 or so days before trimmer comes again 
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