Uckele Tri-Amino safe for horse with kidney issues?


My 28 year old gelding, Shahtahr, is both IR and as of 1.5 years ago, dx's with PPID.  He is on Prascend and has been doing very well.  However, his most recent senior blood panel in April showed elevated kidney numbers for the first time ever.

He eats timothy and/or meadow grass hay ad lib in slow-feed nets.  Also gets 6 lbs of bermuda pellets in the morning, 5 lbs of TC Senior Gold at night (mixed with AZ Copper Complete, Vit E, iodized salt, 4 oz ground flax, Tri-Amino, and Simplifly).

He gets previcox but only after an especially strenuous or long ride..not on a regular basis at all.  Maybe once a month.   I have discontinued giving it all since the blood work.

I did start him on both Gut X and their joint formula (can't remember the name, but same company) about 3 months before the blood work.  Both are hyaluronic acid based.  I have taken him off of those to see if it makes a difference in his next bloodwork (this week).

I am wondering about the Uckele Tri-Amino.   Are amino acids okay to give to a horse with kidney issues?  Wondering if I should pull him off of that too, but it really seems to help him maintain his topline and muscle mass.

Jennifer and Shahtar
Norco, CA
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