Update on Chicy in foal


Chicy is still at the equine maternity hospital. I was told due to her plancentitis she would probably foal early. But when I took her on May 9 they did an US and said she was all clear and active baby. She is 8 days away from being in foal for 12 months!  Needless to say I am very anxious to meet her baby since we were expecting delivery early at 320 days. Her actual due date was June 2.  So 357 days is nerve racking for me. I did put a picture of her in her photo album. Will keep you all posted. She is barefoot and going well but I want that extra weight off her feet. She was wearing boots during the days but even with diapers under them she got a  blister on her heel. I trimmed her. They allow me 30 minutes a visit. I drive there on Fridays snd visit then back on Sat am for a second visit. It cost me $100 in fuel round trip and the cost of a room. I'll be glad with they are both home. 

-- Janet and Chicy
Chester SC