Update on Stetson, new PPID diagnosis

Rita Chavez

Well, crap. Just when I thought I had things going well for my sweet boy. After last year's founder and insulin resistance diagnosis I felt pretty good about bringing him back to healthy. His feet came through the episode without any lasting issues and he remains nice and sound on all 4's. But last month I noticed him being more and more lethargic on rides, and losing some muscle along his back end and spine despite increasing his feed & hay. He was due for his dental and I have to take him to the clinic to do this since he needs sedation, and we don't yet have a barn to work in. While there my vet said we should check his Insulin & ACTH. I knew that: a) we're in the middle of the Fall rise, and b) I had just trailered him 10 minutes down the road. I told my vet I expected the results to be higher than normal, and he agreed. The results came in today: Insulin = 32 uU/mL and ACTH = 634 pg/mL (normal 2-30). I was pretty happy with the Insulin number, but the ACTH number just blew my mind!! That's just crazy high.

My vet prescribed Prascend tablets for him, which I just picked up. I'm to give him 1/2 tab per day for 14 days, then up it to 1 tab per day for the next 6 months. We will recheck his blood in the Spring, unless he gets worse. I must admit I didn't pay that much attention to all the PPID posts...and now I'm regretting that. I need to go back into files and read up asap.

And the cost for Prascend, can we talk about that for a minute?? I paid $163 for 30 tablets! That's insanity. Since this is most likely a long term treatment for Stetson, I need to know about a less expensive alternative - which company do you all prefer for pergolide? And what's the average cost/month? 

I'll also update my CH as soon as I figure out how to do that now that I have a new Mac. My original file was done on a PC. I may have to start fresh. I need new pics to upload, too. 

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Lorna Cane

Hi Rita,

While you're waitng for people to speak up,try doing a message search using pergolide prascend cost, or something similar.We just discussed this recently , and you can get a head start on what people are paying,and the pharmacies they like. 
I like Island Pharmacy in B.c., Canada,but am not postivie that they still ship to the US. Our dollar is 70 cents to yours,so  would be good for you if they do !

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

Bobbie Day

Hi Rita
Yes, that really hurts doesn’t it? I had my little mare on 1.5 for two years and always got Prascend, I’m not sure why I never explored Peroglide but our mare now is on 2mg and I get it from Avrio out of AZ.
I paid 120.00 for 4 months. I wish I had done this a long time ago.


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Denise King

I pay $144 on auto ship for 60 days from an online pharmacy for Prascend. Boehringer also offers rebates, so take your receipt and go on their site to apply for that! https://www.boehringeringelheimequinerebates.com
Denise, NY, 2022


Hi Rita,
You shouldn’t have any any issues jumping from a PC to a Mac, once you adjust to the mechanics.  Pages, the Mac word processing program, can read Word files.  Just take a look at the formatting to make sure it looks correct.  And then look again after saving aa a pdf file to make sure it all makes sense.  You can also get Word for your Mac, if you’re more comfortable with that.  I have an annual subscription to MS Office apps, which can be used on either platform, for most, if not all, of your family members and devices.  My husband is more PC oriented but I’ve been using a Mac for years.
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