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Update Your Information PLEASE!

Friday, 7 December 2018


Update Your Information

Case histories not only aid in monitoring and effectively managing your equine but a well documented and up to date case history is invaluable in an emergency. It also demonstrates to any veterinary or hoof care professional viewing it, either on line or live at the stable, that you are dedicated to an evidence-based health program for your equine’s welfare.  Changes in food amounts, medication, dosages, supplements, over time show not just that you are serious about your equine's health but patterns that confirm or deny the ECIR protocols.  


Please don't wait until you need help, update your case history today so if an emergency crops up next week, you can get support quickly and need only concentrate on helping your horse.  

While you are thinking about updating don't forget the databases:
Pergolide Dosage Database 
Enter your information, Update your entry, View your entry (you may need to request access) or View the statistics.   

Regional Members Database  - A local listing of members willing to help/meet/share resources with other ECIR members.

Enter your contact information, Update your entry or View the database. 


CTB Database Database for equines on both Chaste Tree Berry and Pergolide

Enter your information, Update your entry or View the database (you may need to request access).


Hoof Care Professionals List - Find member recommended hoof care professionals in your area.

Enter your hoof care professional,  View the Hoof Care Professionals List.


International Safe Feed Sources 

Enter your local storeUpdate an entry, or View the International Safe Feeds Sources. 


Veterinarians and Clinics List - Find member recommended vets or clinics in your area

Enter your veterinarianView the Veterinarians and Clinics List


ECIR Polls - collecting information to find patterns that will help shape future equine management protocols. 
See the polls.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

The Owners and Support Team of the ECIR Group