Updated CH for Andante; could someone see if correct?

Alisa Martin

Well that's a relief. I had originally done my CH in Word for Mac and long ago Lee Ann had labored hard to fix my broken links. I have finally managed to redo the whole thing in Pages (now supported, hooray!) and upload as PDF. It only took me 4 yrs :(  Would one of you wonderful moderators take a quick glance and see if everything looks ok this time? If it's formatted and functioning correctly, then I'll start a new topic and ask my burning question :-) Thank you!!
Alisa and Andante


San Diego County, CA 1/2014

Case History

Photo album 


Nancy C

Hi Alisa

It's there and readable.  Your link to photos within the CH worked.

Thanks for being stubborn! What are your questions?
Nancy C in NH
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