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Sue Shaner

Hi. I have been reading advice from you all, and here's where we are:
1. I have uploaded tests, hay analysis, and current diet, along with current rads. There are two sets of rads...one pair prior to her last trim, and one after. She has leather pads and steel shoes in both sets. She is very sound, but a little ouchy after trim on uneven surfaces. Since we have moved, and I am using a new farrier, I feel he is more comfortable with shoes than boots. I would like to try her barefoot after her next trim. Suggestions?
2. Since her ACTH was 45 in mid-Oct., she is now on 2.5 Prascend, up .5. We will retest, and add insulin and glucose to the next test, fasting. Any other tests we should do? I am looking at around Nov. 20 for testing. 
3. I see ribs, even under her shaggy coat.
4. I gave her a tetanus booster a couple of months ago, but she has had no other vaccines for 2 years, due to unstable health. Recomendations? If she leaves home, it is to go to the local vet for xrays, or ride in our local rural area.
5. I currently feed 5 times per day. We would like to take it down to 4 feedings. She gobbles, even with a 1" hay net. Our first feeding is around 8am, with the last around 10pm.  She is doing great on this regimen, but we would like to be able to get away during the day a little easier. 
6. There was an earlier question about her glucose. I can't find the test results from around April, that had her glucose at 20, if I remember right, non-fasting. 
I have also discontinued the seperate Vit. E oil, as the W3 oil seems to cover that. Good or bad?
7. Lastly, I have seen dual sides of MSM for IR horses. I have been giving it to her since June. It seemed to help her, but if it is counterproductive, I can remove it. 
Thanks for everything. I feel we're close to the finish line of stability with regular checks. It has been a long road. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again. 
Sue and Ruby, Central UT 2017
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Sherry Morse

Hi Sue,

1 - I'll leave trim comments to the experts but were Ruby mine I'd want to see her toes brought back more and I'd have her in boots so she can be on a 4 week trim cycle.  How often is she getting trimmed now?
2- Why are you going to fast her for bloodwork?  It's best to just do the test with hay in front of her
3 - current body pictures would be helpful.  As would a case history with current weight vs ideal weight
4- You can do a message search or look in the files for more info https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/files/Vaccinations
5 - have you tried double netting or going to smaller size holes?
6- a glucose of 20 would be a sign bloodwork wasn't handled correctly.  Have you done a search of the messages for information on that?
7 - MSM is contraindicated for IR - again, you can do a search of the messages and files on this: https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/files/3%20Cushings%20Disease%20-%20PPID/1.%20Avoid%20These%20Items.pdf is a start

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Sue,

I agree with Sherry on the trim: toes need to come back more and her trim cycle likely is too long, unless it's at 4-5 weeks now. There was a lot of excess foot in the pre-trim photos, including sole depth. In the post-trim shots, her soles look to be too thin = too much was removed from the bottom of the feet while the toes were not backed up enough. Unfortunately, this is a common problem.

There were improvements made from the pre-trim photos, which is good, but not enough was corrected. Unfortunately, the rads were shot from below each foot, aiming upward (the bottom of the foot is visible in the view) and thru the block the foot is standing on. RF has the bottom of the foot cut off. These issues make it difficult to interpret angles and sole depth accurately. However, I see no reason why she couldn't be barefoot, with padded boots as needed for comfort.

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