Vet in Va who prescribes compounded Pergolide?

amy in VA

Hi all
The newbie vet who is "caring for" my 30 yr old PPID mare, not IR, won't prescribe more than my mare's current dose of 3.5 mg compounded pergolide even though her ACTH is 41 and her appetite for concentrates has gotten weak and she's now skinny. Vet says Prascend only, with top dose of 2 mg! J was on 2 mg of Prascend years ago when we switched to compounded due to BI jacking up the price. The sales rep sold the vet on cold turkeying my horse off compounded and trying Prascend, free, for a month. Not going to do this to my dear one. So time for another vet. Feeling desperate about this. Thanks for any help.
Amy in Va

Sherry Morse

Hi Amy,

Virginia is a very large state - what area are you located in?

amy in VA

Sorry. We are in the Culpeper, Orange, Madison area. Thanks.
Amy in Va

Griffin Keller

Who are you using now? I've definitely talked about alternatives with our current vet at Keswick. (She is actually covering for the regular vet who is/was on maternity leave) 
- Griffin

Jan 2018, Charlottesville, VA

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