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Im so happy that I found this group.  I was feeling very overwhelmed.

I’m happy to say Wynter is doing much better.  He is off the bute and on the emergency diet with 25lbs of soaked Bermuda/day.  He has returned to small pasture turnout (no grass).  He seems sound maybe a low grade 1 lameness on R fore.

I’m having a repeat insulin and ACTH.  His insulin was >200 and ACTH was 29.7.  He is on Metformin 30mg/kg.  Vet cannot do ACTH stimulation test as she doesn’t have the required medication.  Any other labs you would recommend?

I have started Uckele glycocemic EQ supplement.  Would he benefit from additional Jioagulan supplementation?
I have updated his case history with a link to X-rays taken prior to realignment trim.

Thank you all!

Denise L in SC 2022

Sherry Morse

Hi Denise,

It would be really helpful for us if you could rename your x-rays as outlined here:

In a nutshell it looks like Wynter's toes are still quite long unless there was a trim done after the x-rays were taken.  The right front is particularly concerning and you may want to take a full set of hoof pictures and get mark ups done for his next trim - you can find the directions on how to do that here:  Until you get the trim in order I would be hesitant to add jiaogulan as it will encourage hoof growth.

Now, as far as feeding - at 1315lbs and a 7 - 8 BCS it's a good bet that Wynter's ideal weight is going to be about 1200lbs.  That means he should be eating no more than 1.5% of current weight or 2% of ideal weight - whichever is greater.  2% of ideal is 24lbs a day TOTAL - that includes hay and any concentrates needed to get supplements in.  If you are feeding him 25lbs a day just in hay and then another pound of beet pulp on top of that it's too much and you need to cut back. 

First, are you actually weighing everything that he's fed or is that an estimate?  If you are weighing hay and the beet pulp and you want to continue feeding him a pound of beet pulp a day you need to cut the hay back to 23lbs max.  If he doesn't start losing weight on that amount you may need to cut him back even more.

As you started him on Metformin after the first insulin test was done you'll want to recheck within a week to 10 days to make sure it's actually working for him.  For his ACTH as it's right on the border of being too high you may want to talk to the vet about doing a trial of pergolide and then rechecking it in 3 weeks to see if it's come down to a better level (upper teens to low 20s) and if that's helped with the insulin as well.


He has had a trim at the vet after the X-rays we’re taken.  His toes were shortened considerably and the heel on the right front lowered to realign his foot.  
Denise L in SC 2022


All of his feed and hay is being weighed and he appears to be losing weight.  I was worried that he is losing it too fast.
Denise L in SC 2022

Kirsten Rasmussen

Denise, as long as you stick with the little rule Sherry gave you, he should be fine. 

Feed 2% of ideal weight (24 lbs) or 1.5% of current weight (19 lbs), whichever is greater (24 lbs).
These are dry weights.

If he's losing weight too fast, your actual and ideal weight numbers might be off, so adjust accordingly.

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