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This is the basic information on Vit . E recommendations for an IR or PPID horse from the ECIR PDF.
Vitamin E - 1,000 IU/day per 500 lbs body weight (again, human supplement may be easiest, e.g., soft gel caps in oil, added to beet pulp)

For a deep dive into Vit E, this article by Stephanie Valberg, PhD at Michigan State explains the various muscle diseases and her recommendations for Vit E .
Supplementing Horses With Vitamin E – The Horse
And the following reading of Dr. Carrie Finno of UC Davis
Horse_Report_Fall_2018_web.pdf (

Most PPID/IR horses can be given either human gel capsules( any brand that is available at drugstores, Walmart, etc. for humans is fine.)  or powdered/liquid vit e from livestock and equine suppliers. Natural vit E has been shown in studies to be more bioavailable, but synthetic Vit E is fine, you just might need to use more of it. If you use powdered Vit E, you need to add a bit of oil to allow the fat soluble Vit E to be absorbed. There is another version of natural vitamin e that is micelled, meaning it is altered to be water soluble and tends to have the most absorption. It is expensive, but all Vit E right now is in the expensive category.
Emcelle® Tocopherol Vitamin E – Custom Equine Nutrition

The powdered Vit E is readily available at livestock supplies or at
Uckele E-5000
Uckele also carries liquid Vit e that doesn't need oil as it is in an oil base
Uckele Liquid E Quart
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Jocelyn, can you be more specific about where you are lost? 


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Hi Jocelyn

I give my horse 2 of these per day so that he gets 2,000 IU vitamin E in oil.  It's super easy, the bottle has a 90-day supply, and my horse will just eat them out of his bucket with his other supplements (I use Stabul 1 as his "grain").  Vitamin E is one of the easier parts of the whole picture once you get it dialed in.

Vitamin E on Amazon

Hang in there, this gets much easier.  


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