Vitamin C


Claire -

I use the Vita-Flex "Pure c" and am very happy with it. Can't tell you the
strength off hand (I'm at work right now). You could check out their website
Also, the Vita-Flex customer service reps are very helpful if you call.

Another Vita-Flx product I'm going to begin feeding all three of my Morgans
(including the Cushing's guy) is their "Accel Lifetime." This multi-vitamin
supplement has a quadruple dose of Vitamin C, as well as Glutasyn microbial
yeast complex. I will probably stop feeding the "Pure C" once I put them on
Accel... don't want to overdue any one thing. Right now, "Accel Lifetime" is
hard to find in my area, but I'm sure State Line Tack in NH has it. I just
have to find time to get down there.

Paula Brown
Poland, ME