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My Lad is in his twenties. He is moving fine, WTC, but for the first time is resisting having his left hind hoof held up. All 4 feet look fine, no heat in any of them. The farrier is coming for Lad's regular barefoot care Friday. 
I was planning to use bute, given before the appointment, to reduce discomfort during the trim. I cannot get any. Someone has suggested topical use of Voltarin gel. Has anyone here used this? I would use it on both hinds: on fetlock and hocks. Maybe also on stifle joints.
Bonnie and Lad
North Ontario
Dec 2008

Trisha DePietro

Hi Bonnie. I have used Voltaren Gel. But I knew I was using it for arthritis and therefore, clipped the hairs over the arthritic areas to ensure maximum skin absorption. I did not see a huge difference in comfort. 

In reading another thread Dr. K was talking about taking human dosages and using them X4-6 for horse dosing. Not sure if this would be accurate for topical applications...I was definitely not using enough product if that is true for topical applications and so, probably didn't see the effect I should have seen. You can also use Equioxx for a couple of days prior to the trim for comfort and then stop it. I found that helpful on a few occasions.

But I like to get to a diagnosis first and then I can target the medication or intervention.  I also tried Lidocaine patches directly over the joint...they are very sticky and adhere well despite the hair, but for best effect again, dosing would be a question mark. The lidocaine patch is a 4% lidocaine, (over the counter)  and so if its to be applied at 4-6 times the human dose...you'll have patches all over the horses leg as the patches are usually 3 inches x 4 inches....Lidocaine patches absorb from any where on the human body...it does not have to be applied directly over the area to work....and with humans we have to remove it for 12 hours and then reapply it. Not sure if this is true for the horse...another question for Dr. K :) 
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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