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Hi Dr Kellon and all,

Need a clarification: Is MSM (without glucosamine) contra-indicated for I/R? One person in the recent locked post on Equithrive indicated this. I couldn't find any other mentions of MSM being negative in a quick search of the group. 

I have fed Equithrive Original Joint pellets in the past with very good results. Switched to MSM in May '22 as a more cost-effective alternative for my 4 horses, including 2 seniors with I/R who are also now on NSAIDs for arthritis (27 yr old)  and DSLD/ESPA (20 yr old, also gets Adequan). Insulin looks to be under control with diet per their latest lab work. If I can't feed MSM (or even if I can) I plan to look into the more cost-effective Equithrive substitutes mentioned. 

Thank you! 
Colleen M in CA 2022



Nancy C

Hi Coleen

The caution with MSM is that is may interfere with copper so you need to make sure your minerals are in balance. Becasue the mode of action is the same as NSAIDs, not sure if you should be doing both.  From Dr Kellon:

Speaking of which, not sure if I posted this here yet or not, but the antiinflammatory mechanism of MSM is now known:
Aspirin, some other NSAIDs and Devil's Claw all work at the same level in blocking the inflammatory response.

Not sure if that is your intention but I mention JIC.

Here's a thread on MSM and copper.

More in the archives.

Since we have moved on to  a new topic, I have changed the subject line.
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