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Good morning!  I am looking for suggestions on weighing hay.  What kind of scale are you using?  Do you have some kind of sling to put the hay in?  Just looking for ideas and hacks.  

Kristie, Siena, and Satch in Western Colorado 2022


Can't wait to here some of the other responses...  Here's ours:

We are literally a one-horse operation so we use a little battery operated digital luggage scale which weighs things up to 110 lb or 50 kg (Cost is anywhere from $10 to $20 at Wal-***) and a laundry basket with a cord tied on each side for a handle.  Hang the basket assembly on the scale's hook, then deduct the weight of the basket assembly, which for us is 2 lbs.  

I weigh out three days worth and line the stacks in a row, so at the end of the day I can grab the next days ration and ready it for the rinsing/salting process.  Am blessed that my small square bales each weigh about 36 lbs, so one bale does 3 days as I'm feeding 12 pounds per day.

Joy and Emmy
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Hilary McGregor

I weigh hay daily for 2 horses. We use a small battery hanging scale. We hang it from a carabeener on a rope in a doorway. We use large blue Ikea bags which easily hold 5-6 lbs of hay. Bags weigh 4 oz, which I subtract from the total 5 lbs of hay each bag. We feed 4x per day so make 8 bags a day. They are easy to carry out to the shelter where they are usually fed on mats. At the moment we are soaking, so just dump the bags into laundry baskets to soak. Previously we weighed and fed in slow feeder nets. 

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Sherry Morse

Hi Kristel,

If you do a search of the messages for 'luggage' or 'scale' you'll find a ton of answers.  

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

I use a luggage scale as well, and I wight put each meal in a plastic tub. So I first weigh the tub which in my case is about 4.8lb and subtract that amt from the total lb when the hay is within the tub. :)
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Kim Leitch

I use a fish scale, others use luggage scales. There are pictures of my set up in Grits’ photo album.
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Michele Einarson

I use a battery operated fish scale (similar to a luggage scale) and leaf bags from Amazon. If you have no Ikea, leaf bags are pretty much the same.

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Basically doing what is described here already, except my digital luggage scale can be zeroed out with the container hanging from it empty, then it only adds the weight of the hay.  Then I empty my bin into a slow feeder net held open on a metal frame meant for holding garbage bags open.

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ferne fedeli

I got my hanging scale from Valley Vet many years ago and it hangs from one of the cross beams in my barn by a chain.  I use Nibble Nets, so just fill them and hang them on the hook.  As others have said, I know the weight of the bags, so just subtract that to come up with the right weight.  In fact, my scale stopped working a couple of years ago and I complained to Valley Vet and they sent me a new one!!!  I was amazed, as I'd had the old one for several years...  The scale also has a metal pan that you can use to weigh pellets, etc., but I rarely use that.

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I have a hanging scale in my barn. I attached two rope "handles" to a laundry basket and put the hay in that to weigh it. I hung the basket on the scale empty first to adjust the scale back to zero so it just weighs the hay and not both the hay and the basket. 
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I feed 4 times a day and open up and pull apart each flake of hay.   As I do that, I put the loosened hay into a muck bucket that weighs 5 lbs.  I set the bucket on an old baby scale to weigh it and then take the bucket to where I have the Nibble Net hanging in the stall and fill it.   It's easier to put the loose hay in the muck bucket to weigh it, than it would be to fill the net before weighing it.   (The scale is also kind of fun because it was my mother-in-law's baby scale). 
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I bought an electric postal scale that is working great.  I don't know the brand/model but can check in the morning.    I do use a tub with the net inside to do the weighing.
Ronelle and Yoyo
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Thanks everybody for all the suggestions on weighing hay. As usual, I was making it way to complicated. I found an old Rubbermaid tote that is exactly the size of hay flakes and it holds around 9 lbs of hay! It’s perfect. Thanks again!

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