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<< she's getting to be a pushy,
nosey pain in the neck again, just the way I like her.>>

That's great! That's why we call Strider "Your Majesty," by the way. She
rules her herd of two as a benevolent dictator. Prince is quite glad to
follow. It's been good for both of them. We adopted Strider this spring since
she was diagnosed with Cushings and could not continue with the stress as a
lesson horse

Ann (Indiana)


I managed my old friends cushings for 2 years before putting her on
meds. I changed her feed to high protien hi fat lo carbs, moved her
out of a large herd with many stressors to a very quiet place where I
can monitor her and give her a set routine, I give her smaller but
more frequent feedings so her glucose and insulin doesn't bounce all
over. I add rice bran to her feed. My new vet didn't laugh at me but
thought the efforts to reduce her stress has contributed to her being
in pretty good shape. I'm not in the southwest but more like the
amazon this year in Va., hot and humid. My old horse is a little
miserable than usual, she's clipped, gets sponged off and has alot of
shade. Frankly I put her on permax because for the past 2 years
been doing well, the first vet that diagnosed her said it was a fatal
disease and to just let her be, the 2nd vet said she didn't have
cushing, the third vet said to wait for more serious symptoms and the
4th vet who consulted with an internal medicine vet suggested we
the permax, my horse seemed depressed is the only way to describe it,
so I was hoping the permax would help her, she seems to be doing more
moving around in the field and the mysterious stiffness in the hind
end is gone. This last vet reveiwed her labs with her consutling vet
and both agreed to not base treatment on the labs but the symptoms.
I think all of us on this group have some pretty close relationships
with our horses, my horses symptoms were so vague at first but I knew
she was sick, and finally putting her on meds was my heart and gut
telling me something from little signs I saw that most folks that
don't know my horse wouldn't worry about. She had a vague dullness
her, now after about 2 months on permax she's getting to be a pushy,
nosey pain in the neck again, just the way I like her.