Welcome to all the new members!


Hello everyone and welcome to the Equine Cushings list!

Over the next several weeks I will try to go back through my archives and
post some of the emails that have been exchanged between myself and others
with Cushings horses. I believe -- and hope! -- that this listserver will
retain old messages so we can use the archives to access old emails and
refresh memory on various problems and solutions or attempted solutions that
all of us have run across.

As some of you already know, I have a 14.1 hand 29 year old mare who has
basically been with me since she was a year and a half old. Tina, shown as
"Night Flight" took me through to my B rating in Pony Club, won year end
reserve champion at Open Training in region 5, was suggested by an
international judge for the jr. olympics (no $$ to do it tho! :o/), went into
2nd level dressage, could easily have gone much higher if I'd the time, and
has popped a few 5 ft. fences in her time -- and is basically just a cool
little mare with a unique coat color to top it all off.

After presenting me with a fabulous foal at age 23, we couldn't get her to
conceive again and the following spring she was diagnosed with Cushings
symptomatically when she not only wouldn't ovulate no matter what was tried,
but also failed to shed her winter coat a month after everyone else was
summer smooth. So Tina has been my introduction to dealing with Cushinoid

So, let me send along some of the older email's as I can, and hopefully the
information will be useful to some of you and your partners with Cushings.

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