Wellspride/Horsehine/California Trace

Marianne @ Austin

I have my IR Morgan on Wellspride and California Trace - goes over handful of soaked Speedi Beet Pulp.  Along with Magnesium/Vit E (cap) and MSM,  Spirulina andJaiogulon.
I  would really appreciate thoughts on going to Horseshine and stop the Cal Trace and Wellspride.  I have used Cal Trace for 6-7 years and added Wellspride to help with bug bite sensitivity and the needed Omegas. Prior to that I bought whole seed flax and ground it myself). Now I am not seeing the good results I originally saw with Wellspride along with the $$ so rethinking what I am doing.  I keep thinking i am missing something. 

In case this helps- I switched to Speedi Beet about 2 months ago-for many years on OD cubes that I crushed with my truck (yep) to get a handful of non cubed timothy for supp transport.  I liked switching to Speedi Beet for the wetness and possible help with sand. 
He is turned out during the day on so-so pasture (central Tx) with a muzzle. Shadow is boarded with a small 4 horse herd (different diet). 

There is so much knowledge here -would really appreciate input.  Always  trying to listen and learning-it is the absorbing part I struggle with!  
Thank You,
Marianne 2009 Texas

Sherry Morse

Hi Marianne,

What is Shadow's current weight?  How much hay is he currently eating?  Has the hay been tested? Is the muzzle completely closed or can he at grass through it?  Ideally he should be getting minerals balanced to his current hay and knowing the answers to those questions may better able us to advise you.