When should I stop JHerb for surgical treatment of cancer on eyelid also Question about ACE and prascend

Rachel Fazio

Hi all - our PPID EMS horse Ty is going to have a procedure to treat a growth on his eyelid which is smaller than the size of a petite pea [he has had the procedure before but that was 3 yrs ago prior to PPID diagnosis and Prascend and JHerb).  The procedure is in 9 days.  It involves sedation - enough for him to be on the ground (am not sure which drug they will use but will be having that conversation next week), so more than you would use for say teeth floating, but he will not be under general anesthesia.  They will then debride the growth with a diode or CO2 laser (so no scalpel or surgery per se), and inject, and activate (with a light) a PDT dye.  The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes, maybe less, though it seems like forever when you are watching it happen.  Anyway, I want to be as safe as I can be, so when should I discontinue JHerb.  Ty is 1400 lbs and currently on 1.5 Tablespoons, 2x per day with food - but has only been on it for 2 weeks.

My second question - if the preferred sedative is ACE, can I minimize interruption of Prascend absorption by giving Ty his pill at the regular time the day before surgery (11 am) but waiting to give him his pill the day of surgery until say two hours after surgery (around 4:00 pm)?  Or is there a better strategy?


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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

This is a bloodless procedure but since coagulation is always a consideration I would stop it 48 to 72 hours ahead.  The acepromazine doesn't interfere with absorption. It antagonizes the effect in the brain.  I would save discussions of choice of anesthetic regimen for another time. It's a reasonable consideration with minor procedures that may not need it at all but in this case the familiarity of the surgeon with the protocol should be the most important factor.
Eleanor in PA

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