When to re-x ray?

Kandace Krause

-- My mare K was xrayed earlier this autumn and was found to be laminitic with slight rotation in one foot.  Because it was one only and there was sign of toe being too long, with no other signs we assumed road founder.  This was proved wrong by blood tests some weeks later.
As I am arranging for a second round of blood work, I am wondering if there should be xrays as well, or if it is more prudent to wait.  We are now approx. three months since minor pain first exibited.
Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kandace,

We could give you better advice regarding the radiographs if we could see the earlier ones. It would also be helpful to see current hoof photos to see if the trim is optimal.

Lavinia, George Too, Calvin (PPID) and Dinky (PPID/IR)
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Jan 05, RI
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