When to try what to reduce insulin levels.

LJ Friedman

what have you tried or plan to reduce insulin levels?  metformin?  a med like invokana if metformin wasn’t successful?
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Need to see about diet first.  As always.

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IR diet and regular, 4 to 5 days a week, exercise. 

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Sherry Morse

Do you have current bloodwork results?  Has Hershey lost any weight?  What is the current diet?  

In 2022 you said he was 225lbs overweight and being fed 16lbs of unbalanced hay a day, Is he still eating 16lbs a day?  Is the hay weighed daily?  Has it been tested?  How are his supplements getting in to him.

We need to know details in order to be able to answer your questions.

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