I was planning on worming quest just as she got laminitis. I'd done the Equisal test and she was clear for tapeworm so have Equest (link below). I do fecal tests regularly and she's always clear.

I'm worried about using it as her gut and system will in a terrible state, but also worried about it warming up and encysted redworm emerging. I usually give her protexin quick fix before and after worming to help her gut. 

Is it safe to worm her? Should I hold off a few weeks? Anything I should do to make it better for her? 

Nottinghamshire, UK, 2020

Sherry Morse

Hi Carly,

There's an entire folder in the files devoted to this topic: https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/files/Deworming and you can always do a message search as well although Equest hasn't really been mentioned at a quick glance.


Why do you think Quest’s digestive tract is a mess? What symptoms do you see?

 If you’re worried about a build up of encysted small strongles, you can deworm with ivermectin first to gently reduce the parasite burden. You can then follow up with Equst (moxidectin) in 3 weeks.
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