worming for tapes


My dislike is being told to worm w/ Equimax particularly when I know
that this is risky for my IR horse, not that she wants to worm allat
the same time. I tried to tell her that there were other options-
(pyrantal) she is just really pigheaded. I agree w/ the school of
thought about worming consistanly, but they need to take into
consideration the special needs of some and compromise.

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I can understand that the barn manager wants every horse to
be wormed for tapes at the same time, though. If one horse isn't
wormed, that could reinfect the others. However, that might be OK
not worm one horse) if that horse is always kept totally separate
from the others so the others don't ever come in contact with that
one horse's manure.
I approve of having all the horses on the same worming
schedule so that none can reinfect others.

Sandy Su